Where to stay when visiting Aldeburgh

For Aldeburgh not being that big, it has plenty of places to stay. If you’re staying for a week, a weekend or just one night, make sure you know the different places you can stay to maximize your experience of our coastal town.

The Hotels

Aldeburgh has three hotels, two owned by the TA group, the Brudenell and the White Lion and an independent, the Wentworth. The Brudenell offers stays of up to 7 nights with sea views, while the White Lion offers up to 30 days if you in the area for a prolonged period of time. Finally, the Wentworth allows stays for up to 14 nights. All the restaurants offer a bed and breakfast service which allows you to ensure you fuelled up for the day of exploring Aldeburgh and the coastal areas of Suffolk.

Bed & Breakfasts

There is a fair few B&B’s scattered around Aldeburgh and a few more not that far out of the town. Depending on what your plans are for while you’re in Aldeburgh, you may want to shop around for the one that’s in the best location for you.

We very much recommended 34 Lee Road – http://www.aldeburgh-bedandbreakfast.co.uk/

View them all here – http://www.visit-aldeburgh.co.uk/accommodation/bed-and-breakfast

Holiday Cottages

For the ones who like a home away from home and the flexibility of doing what they please when on holiday, have a look for the numerous holiday cottages that are scattered around the town and along the beach front. Just remember to bring your groceries with you or pop along to one of the local supermarkets to keep stocked up during your stay.

The best places to find holiday cottages are;

Airbnb.com, Bestofsuffolk.co.uk, Aldeburghcoastalcottages.co.uk, and Suffolk-secrets.co.uk.

Once you’re in Aldeburgh

Once you’re in Aldeburgh, make sure you check out our other blogs to know where to visit in the town, where to visit in Suffolk and to know what events are going on throughout the year to see if you stay coincides with any.

And of course, don’t forget to book a table for dinner with us, we wouldn’t want to miss you! Head to our reservations page to book a table, or to our menus to see what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t.

Look forward to welcoming you,

The Lighthouse Team