September 2014 Update

An insight into the restaurant on a monthly basis

Message from the Manager, Sam Hayes.

Another September has passed and October is here. It’s been a great month not only for weather but also for the Lighthouse. This year I have nicknamed September the new August for big kids with everyone basking in the late Indian summer.

At this time of year we say goodbye to members of the team as they complete university and head on to their chosen careers which is also a sad time to see them go but onwards and upwards and we wish Daisy Skinner all the best at being a teacher. Good luck to Kirstie Forbes who begins her final year at uni and also Connor Banks & Emeny Conway as they respectably start their second year of degree courses.

The Aldeburgh food festival was a great success again at Snape Maltings and one of the fringe events held at the restaurant went extremely well with a Game Dinner hosted by Robert Gooch “Campaigner for squirrel to go onto restaurant menus” and owner of the Wild Meat Company and Marc Sadouah owner of Grape Passions suppling matching wines to the meat supplied by Robert. The boys in the kitchen did a grand job with the menu & presentation and all the customers who came to the event had a great time. Next up for us is the progressive supper in early October.

The People of the Lighthouse

Our second instalment of The People of the Lighthouse interviews Connor, who has been previously mentioned, about holding a Summer Job at the Lighthouse;

How long have you worked at the Lighthouse for?

I’ve worked at the Lighthouse since October 2012. I started off just working a few evenings a week which ended up leading to weekends and then going full time around April 2013 as and when other commitments let me. I then left in September 2013 to venture off to university.

 You’re at university, where & what are you studying?

Yes I started university after leaving the Lighthouse. I’m down in Southampton at Solent University studying Web Design & Development. I was studying another course in my first year but wasn’t in my best interest to continue so I changed and am now heading in the right direction.

What does that mean for you working at the Lighthouse?

With university only taking 8 months of the year, I come back to the Lighthouse in the summer to give a helping hand during Aldeburgh’s busiest time. So you haven’t seen the last of me yet.

4 months is a long summer, what else do you like to get up to within these months?

Some would say too long. I like to keep busy by continuing with my studies that I can do by myself, weather that be just catch up with the reading list I should of completed while at Uni or doing my own projects, which interestingly enough is what I’ve done over the course of this summer.

I set up my own business within the same field as my uni degree to improve my portfolio. I also enjoy my other hobbies of football, photography and dining at other restaurants with my other half, we’re both massive foodies so like to try new places all the time.

 Brilliant, back to the lighthouse, do you enjoy working here?

The Lighthouse is great, I like the hours, being a Uni student, and not starting work till 11/11.30 is a godsend. The atmosphere that Sam goes for within the restaurant is positive as he likes for customers to feel relaxed and not rushed, which is great with reoccurring customers who you haven’t seen in a while as it means you can have a catch up and this reflects in the way the team works together in a friendly happy way I hope. The boys in the kitchen are a good laugh too, they like to have a joke around like anyone would so you’ve got to keep your wits about you otherwise the joke is on you

Not all fun and games surely, what about the hard work?

Don’t forget about the hard work, the girls always say that I never do any work so I’m not sure how to respond to that question. Always try to keep myself busy if I can though.

 Always good to hear. What are you plans for the future?

My plans are to continue to work at the restaurant for the holiday breaks when I’m back but career wise, I envisage continuing to grow my own business until I finish Uni and if successful either it becomes my full time job or head out somewhere into the big wide world and find someone to employ me in my qualified field. Also travelling, I have plans to travel, as much as time and money will allow me too.


There’s a little insight into being a student while holding a summer job, and much more in Connors case. He’ll be back at Christmas to help out with the festive time of the year. Thank you to everyone that came to the restaurant over September and hopefully enjoyed some wonderful food and wines in a relaxed atmosphere and we look forward to seeing you all again soon and here is to a successful October and half term ahead.