November 2014 Update

An insight into the restaurant on a monthly basis

Message from the Manager, Sam Hayes.

Hello to everyone. Well November has passed by with poetry & documentary festival’s and a great festive switch on of the Aldeburgh lights which really bought the town together with a buzz. Now the focus switches quickly towards Christmas day and the festive fun that has appeared fast on the horizon.

I would like to take the opportunity at this time in thanking everyone from customers and staff for all of their support over the last year. I wish everyone a great December, christmas & new year and look forward to catching up in 2015 if not before at the restaurant.


Here is a new installment into our series of People of The Lighthouse. We interview Evelyn about working at the Lighthouse through the transition between school and adult life.

Hi Evelyn, Mr Manager told me you’ve been working here a long time, is that true? How long?

Yeah, I’ve been working at The Lighthouse for 3 and a half years if I remember correctly, 4 summer seasons in total.

 That’s a far amount of time, so when did you start?

I started just before the summer of 2011, after finishing my GCSE’s and before going onto 6th form and starting my A-Levels.

 Sounds good. What’s your favourite part of working at The Lighthouse?

I don’t really have a favourite part as such but I do enjoy working there with some really great people while also no shift I have worked has been the same, there is always something different and unique about each time I go to work.

And you’re least favourite part?

Now I do have one of these, it’s the polishing of endless glasses at the end of the evening after a busy shift, but it’s also a good wind down too with a bit of a rest rather than running around a busy restaurant.

How does it fair working with the guys in the kitchen, is the relationship easy going, or do they expect a lot?

The boys are pretty easy going in the kitchen, they’re always joking and laughing around, enjoying their work, and when needed always happy to help and work together to make everyone’s job that little bit easier.

Quick fire round just to get to know Evelyn better,

When working at The Lighthouse do you prefer?

Summer or winter?


Upstairs or downstairs?


Quiet or busy?


Lunch or Dinner service?


Bar or waitressing?


Weekday or weekend?


That was quick! Thanks, last question! Is the intention to stay here, at The Lighthouse and work or are you venturing into the working world in another industry?

As much as I enjoy working at The Lighthouse, there’s always an end to everything, after 4 years of working here alongside going to school & college, I do eventually wish to change career paths and start a profession, which is exciting.

Thanks for your time Evelyn! Enjoy the festive period and don’t work too hard!

Thanks, I’ll try not too!

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Best wishes to all