New Years Eve 2018

Closing the door on a wonderful year & looking forward to the next 12 months.

We had a wonderful New Years Eve, bringing the bells to a close on a magnificent 2018.

First of all, we’d like to thank everybody who came along and made the evening special. We kicked it all off with an early sitting with tables joining us from 6pm until 8. Once we’d managed to give everyone their fill, we sent them on their way to enjoy their next stop of the evening, all going off in different directions to parties, pubs and for some, bed!

We all whizzed around the restaurant like mad making up all the tables readying ourselves for part two of the evening. Strictly Come Lighthouse! We donned our best dancing attire, and waited patiently for the guests to arrive.

We tend to have a few NYE regulars who join in on the fun as well as new faces, who have a whole new experience of new years eve with sam and The Lighthouse Team.

Dinner was enjoyed, with musical entertainment being provided by the wonderful Paul & Kay. Glasses were plentiful as we saw in the New Year in a typical Lighthouse fashion, with our guests joining us on the beach for Fireworks & Hot Beverages.

With our NYE being a themed event, we have a few prizes for the best dressed (Male & Female), and with it being a dancing theme, we had a best dancing pair & the most exuberant dancer award.

Best Dressed Male – Dominic Russell

Best Dressed Female – Gay Beer

Best Dancing Pair – John & Beverly Blackham

Most Exuberant Dancer – Resa Harrington

As always we love our New Years Eve at The Lighthouse, nearly as much as I’m sure all our guests do. Would you like to join us next year? What do you think our theme should be? Give us a tweet – @AldeLighthouse

Here are some pictures of our winners –