The Lighthouse is on social media

To keep up with the trend of modernising The Lighthouse’s image, we have decided to go onto social media!

Following the update of the website, it was decided that we needed a platform that made it possible to contact customers in a personal way, which is when we turned to Facebook and Twitter. We value our customers to appreciate that they deserve to be made aware of what is going on within the restaurant, whether it be; we are hosting an event, are closed on a particular day or to inform them on our delicious dishes on our specials board.

Getting information out as a restaurant is fairly difficult when it comes to trying to reach 100% of our customers due to them travelling from all over the country as well as from overseas to visit Aldeburgh, this is where we think Twitter and Facebook will come in perfectly. All you will need to do is open up your Twitter feed and or Facebook wall and see what information we have posted and act accordingly, if it affects you in any way. Other than to be informative we aim to deliver special offers, inform our customers on what is going on within Aldeburgh, and give an insight into our achievements to date.

We feel that over the years, the restaurant has had many accomplishments that we were unable to share with our customers due to a lack of communication; this is a primary reason for putting ourselves onto social media.

We would like you to follow and like us on twitter and facebook, we can be found under these names:

Twitter: @AldeLighthouse

Facebook: The Lighthouse

Don’t be afraid to get into contact with us through these two mediums too. We’d love to hear from you.

One of our proudest achievements to date is receiving a five star rating for our food and atmosphere from acclaimed food critic Mr AA Gill from the Sunday Times. Here is a link to the article, (Subscription required).