Lighthouse Restaurant – new website!

Here we are, bringing The Lighthouse Restaurant into the 21st century with a modern looking, easy to use website.

Our sole purpose was to bring our customers a website that would; simplify the task of retrieving information on the restaurant, make the booking process easier and, allow them to have a manageable way of contacting one of the team. With the update of the website, we believe our targets have been met which we are extremely pleased with, we hope you share our enthusiasm.

Development started around 2 months ago when we first met with David Whelen from Web Tree Agency, expressing our desires of a website with a easy to use nature and aesthetic look about it. David attended for lunch at The Lighthouse Restaurant one May afternoon, in where he spent the whole afternoon, getting a feel for what Sam and and the rest of us are trying to achieve, making sure that the website replicated the values of the restaurant.

We couldn’t thank David and his team at Web Tree Agency enough for the result.

Further more we aim to keep the website updated as much as possible, giving the customers an in depth update of the restaurants on-goings, events that are happening within Aldeburgh and, staff bios and interviews. The menus will also be updated weekly when new and exciting dishes are produced by our talented and keen kitchen staff.