January 2015 Update

An insight into the restaurant on a monthly basis

Message from the Manager, Sam Hayes.

Happy belated new year to you all. I hope January has been as  good to you as it has to us. After a week of being closed in the early part of the month to freshen up the restaurant & have a bit of a break we are now looking forward to another busy year ahead. For this coming month, although a short one a lot is happening from Friday, lunchtime concerts in the Jubliee hall, half term starting the 13th February, Valentines day the 14th of Feb, Shrove Tuesday 17th Feb (pancake day) and not forgetting The Lighthouse will be 20 years old on Valentines day 14th February. Lets raise a glass to the next twenty years of the lighthouse.


We bring back our blog series ‘The People of the Lighthouse’ by interviewing Chef Thierry on his experiences in a kitchen, before and during his time at The Lighthouse. Mr Aubugeau has been at the chef at the Lighthouse for 4 years, bringing great experience and quality to the kitchen.

Hi T! Tell us a brief background into your experiences, where did you learn your trade?

I started at a catering college in France when I was 15 before moving on to a vast array of operations including Michelin star restaurants, 5 star hotels, cafes, bistros, outside catering, chocolate shop and working at a butcher’s.

What other roles have you played in the kitchen?

I think I’ve played more or less every role there is within a kitchen, including the washing up, peeling vegetables, budgeting orders, designing new kitchens, recruiting, and wine buying. Where I worked previously, I got sent out to try new restaurants that opened up locally to ours.

How much has the catering industry changed since you started?

To be honest, a lot, in my opinion, the industry has become more international. The staff, the food and the technicalities with cooking have all been heavily influenced by foreign flavours. Also the amount of training that is being received is limited, before we would butcher meat and fillet the fish while being taught the correct methods, you don’t get that anymore.

Do you enjoy the hustle and bustle of August in Aldeburgh or do you prefer the quieter months in the winter? Why?

We do suffer in the summer, but it is much more exciting than the winter, at least we don’t get bored. But then again, after the winter we had, we can’t say the winter months are quiet anymore!

If there was anyone in the world you could have lunch with, whom would it be and why? Would this be out of personal awe or work related?

My daughter Clio, she’s currently in Australia having a great time and planning even more travelling so it’d be great to have a catch up as she’d have plenty to talk about, I won’t be able to share lunch with her for a long time.

What makes you get up and go in the morning?

The same as most people, to earn a living for my family. I feel comfortable in a kitchen as I’ve spent most of my life in one so it’s luckily I enjoy it.

Why did you become a cook?

When I started catering college, in the first year I was doing half front of house and half kitchen. I did have aspirations to become a Hotel or Restaurant Manager but soon realised I had a passion for cooking. The main reason why I cook is that I like to eat well, and share my knowledge to give people a good time around the dinner table.

What do you like to do outside of work?

The same as most people, to earn a living for my family. I feel comfortable in a kitchen as I’ve spent most of my life in one so it’s luckily I enjoy it.

Thanks Thierry!


All done for another month! We wish you all the best for February and don’t forget to help us celebrate turning 20 on the 14th!

Best wishes,

The Lighthouse Team