August 2014 Update

An insight into the restaurant on a monthly basis

August is over for another year in Aldeburgh. With the town full of excitement from the successful events happening such as Aldeburgh Carnival, summer theatre & Snape Proms, it has been a busy and enjoyable month at the Lighthouse.

While all these events were being held, at the Lighthouse, Sam and the team took it upon themselves to open the restaurants doors that little bit earlier at 6.00pm to allow theatre goers to grab a bite to eat beforehand, making sure they didn’t go hungry.

The Snape Proms events happen every evening throughout August and attract thousands of people from all over the world. With all these people attending the Suffolk area, many familiar faces pop into the restaurant that we only get to see at this time of year. It’s great to have a catch up, discuss how they are getting on and be such an integral part of the summer holiday plans whilst in Suffolk and bid them a fond farewell until next time.

Within the middle of the month, Aldeburgh hosted the 72nd annual Aldeburgh Carnival. The Lighthouse closes all day for the carnival so that Sam and the team can partake in the day’s festivities which starts off with a barbecue & drinks at the restaurant for the staff with friends & regulars popping in on their way past to say hi. The Carnival was, as usual a huge success and we already look forward to next year’s events.

Lighthouse - Aldeburgh Carnival    Sam - Aldeburgh Carnival

Each month we will be trying to interview somebody who has had a part to play within the restaurant, in the past or present. We are going to call this feature, ‘the people of the Lighthouse’. Following is our first installment into the series;

The ‘People of The Lighthouse’ is a method we felt that our customers can get to know the people behind the restaurant, the ones who make the cogs in the system work. We start with Mr Guy Welsh.

Guy Welsh is the head chef at the Lighthouse Restaurant, the boss of the kitchen if you will; he prides himself on his mouth-watering dishes which are all made with fresh seasonal ingredients.

Guy has been at the Lighthouse almost since the beginning, joining three months after the opening of the restaurant in February 1995.

But when he was younger he had other ideas for his career, as he had aspirations to become a pilot. He had great admiration for the men and women that flew planes and wanted to follow in their footsteps. He went in the direction of cookery when he baked biscuits in his home from a young age which led him to become interested within the world of cooking & catering. He followed this path when he got a job as a trainee chef at the Tree of Idleness restaurant in South Africa; it was here that Guy learnt his trade.

We asked Guy a few questions and here are his answers;

 What other roles have you played in the kitchen?

Not many to be perfectly honest, I started as a trainee chef in South Africa, and when I came over to England I was a junior sous chef at Blueprint restaurant in London as well as going on to work at the L’Escargot. That said, I do like to do my part in the Lighthouse Kitchen and if there is any washing up to do or puddings to be made, I will offer a helping hand.

Do you enjoy the hustle and bustle of August in Aldeburgh?

Aldeburgh is a very seasonal place, we enjoy the hype of the town throughout the summer and relaxing feel you get within the winter months too. In the kitchen we feel honoured that so many people want to eat our food every evening, it means we must be doing something right.

Surely doing 100+ covers an evening takes its toll after a while?

You would have thought so, but throughout August we can guarantee that we will at least have 4/5 people in the kitchen while in the Winter we sometimes only have two in the kitchen and can get slammed for 50+ covers, in which we have to do all the areas at a fast pace, this is what takes its toll. Even though that said you learn from it and move on.

If there was anyone in the world you could have lunch with, whom would it be and why?

Difficult question, but Will.I.Am would be great company, I recently watched a programme where Joanna Lumley visited him over in America, and spoke to him about his past achievements and future endeavours. His motivation and aspirations to change the world and bring awareness to certain causes makes his story truly inspirational. He’s into this new age energy where he believes if you have enough belief anything can be achieved.

What makes you get up and go in the morning?

The same as everyone else, bills and necessities, I’m just lucky enough to do something I enjoy which makes it easier. Also as I’ve said before, knowing that many people are coming to the restaurant because of the reputation of the food is a pretty big motivation.

What do you like to do out of work?

I have plenty of hobbies, I enjoy music, DIY with all my home improvements being completed by myself. I am also a slight car enthusiast which always seems to creep into conversation no matter who it’s with. With these hobbies, a wife, a teenage son, 2 step children and 5 grandchildren my week is always busy which I love.

What is your favourite place in the world?

Without sounding too cliché, at home with the wife and the family; I couldn’t think of anything better than spending time with them.

We hope you enjoyed a little insight into the life of the head chef, Guy Welsh. He is now looking ahead to maintain his level of quality that leaves his kitchen and carry it on through Autumn & Christmas time, which is his favourite time of year.


Furthermore we look ahead to September where we are still busy due to the regular goings on within Suffolk & hopefully some late summer sunshine to keep the holiday spirits up as we move towards the latter part of the month as Aldeburgh hosts the Food and Drink Festival in which we are participate in again this year with a Game night on Tuesday 30th September, with 4 courses & matching wines on offer and then the Aldeburgh Progressive Supper on Thursday 9th October. Remember to book both to avoid disappointment.

To conclude we look forward to seeing you in the future, book a table to have dinner with us either through our reservations page or call us on 01728 453377 to talk to one of the team.

Images of Aldeburgh Carnival were taken by Henry Anderson, all images can be seen at Henry Anderson Photography