Aldeburgh Carnival 2017


On the 20th August 2017 The Lighthouse shut its doors, locked up and relaxed. Knowing that they wouldn’t be opening the next day. Aldeburgh Carnival is one of the few days a year where The Lighthouse doesn’t open its doors to customers and instead celebrates the Carnival with a private party for the staff and the friends and family who help support the restaurant throughout the year.

Sam & Max hosts everyone with a lovely barbecue, Sam can be seen running around like a headless chicken ensuring everybody has a drink, even some of the participants of the carnival, because of course, you don’t want anybody going thirsty!

The Carnival passed through, people made the most of seeing each other for some it’s the only time they see others that they laugh and enjoy the day with. The day is followed by catching up with the rest of friend who are elsewhere in the town, joining in the lantern parade and finished off with the huge firework display along the beach front.

The day itself is one that comes and goes so quickly, yet is enjoyed so highly, we appreciated all the time and effort it takes from the people that organize and volunteer to make the event a reality. The event itself has been happening annually for the last 75 years in its current format, with the popularity still so high, we look forward to the many years ahead.

See our highlight reel below,

Until next year,

Stay Safe!

The Lighthouse Team.