About Us

The Lighthouse Restaurant

The Lighthouse Restaurant is within the seaside town of Aldeburgh. Located on the North Sea and close to the River Alde. Most notable for its blue flag shingle beach rifled with fisherman huts who catch and sell fresh fish daily. Modern day Aldeburgh is home to a wide variety of music events held throughout the year. The Moot hall, Jubilee hall & Snape Maltings all hosting these experiences. The Lighthouse plays a big role within these times of the year, offering pre and post theatre dinners with flexible times because of the lateness of the final acts.

The Lighthouse Restaurant has been open for over 20 years. Doors first opened in 1995 by Sara Fox and Peter Hill. The core values are still the same as they always have been, welcoming customers through the door with a friendly smile to make them feel at home. The Lighthouse went under cosmetic renovation in 2006. As a result of this the bar was relocated and the restaurants floor plan was changed, paving way to how The Lighthouse is recognised today. The restaurant was taken over by long standing manger Sam Hayes and his Wife Maxine in March 2015. They opted to ensure that The Lighthouse experience would not change as Sam had been very much a part of that for the previous decade. They promised to keep delivering delicious food, tempting wines and welcoming customers with a warm greeting and a smile.

Take a tour of The Lighthouse Restaurant

See what the restaurant is like before joining us for dinner. Just like google street view, roam around the tables to the hearts content to know what to expect before arrival. Our tour was made in April 2015. Our upstairs has since been refurbished since our Google tour was taken, see our blog post about it – https://www.lighthouserestaurant.co.uk/news/private-dining-at-the-lighthouse

You can view our tour straight from google street view, see here.