2019, What’s on?

Don't miss out on the events in and around Aldeburgh this year.

We can’t believe it’s already February! We want to make sure you don’t miss out on what’s going on in Aldeburgh over the course of the year so we’ve put a list together of events & happenings that take place in 2019.

Aldeburgh Literacy Festival;

The annual literacy festival takes place at the Jubilee Hall over the first weekend of March – Thursday 28th February until Sunday 3rd March 2019.

Easter Weekend;

A very busy time for Aldeburgh, the streets will be flooded with holiday makers & locals alike, enjoying the extended weekend. (Fingers crossed for the weather) – Friday 19th until 22nd April 2019.

Aldeburgh Festival;

One of our busiest times of the year, the ever popular festival is a highlight of the yearly calendar, if you want to find out more information on the events or tickets, please visit here – https://snapemaltings.co.uk/season/aldeburgh-festival/Friday 7th until 23rd June 2019.

Snape Proms;

A highlight of the classical music calendar, an event takes place at least once a day over the month of August, find out more information here – https://snapemaltings.co.uk/season/snape-proms/

Aldeburgh Carnival;

I think the biggest & most exciting event of the Aldeburgh calendar. The carnival brings in plenty of people, shutting down the town and enjoying the party on the streets. If you’ve never been, or haven’t seen one in years, make sure you make it!

Aldeburgh Triathlon;

The annual event that brings all the fitness fanatics to Aldeburgh. The event supports the RNLI and the East Anglian Air Ambulance as well as local charities. In 4 years the event has already raised over £10,000 for charity and aims to add to this again in 2019! – 15th September 2019.

Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival;

What’s not to love, food & drink, let’s celebrate all local produce and have a good time doing it. – 28th & 29th September 2019. (Fringe events – 17th September until 20th October 2019).

Aldeburgh Documentary Festival;

The Aldeburgh Documentary Festival is a distinctive combination of world-class documentaries, illuminating discussions and debate which has seen audiences increase threefold over the past four years, making this weekend one of the most successful public-facing celebrations of the art and craft of documentary film making in Britain today. (www.thesuffolkcoast.co.uk) 

Aldeburgh Poetry Festival;

Poetry In Aldeburgh is a not-for-profit organisation that plans to build on and continue the heritage of poetry and poetry festivals in the Suffolk Coastal area over almost 3 decades. Our first festival was in November 2016 and we hold them annually since. We also partner with other local and national organisations in the Literary and Arts fields to support Poetry in our area. – 8th – 10th November 2019

Our Events;

Keep an eye out for our events over the course of the year; After the success of hosting them over the last 12 months, we plan to continue, we’re just finalising some details and getting them all organised. We’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready!

What’s always going on in Aldeburgh;

We’re fully aware that there’s more to Aldeburgh than just these events, so make sure you enjoy the beautiful landscapes, the walking paths, Aldeburgh Cinema & all the great places that the town has to offer all year round.

What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know by joining in on the conversation on social media – Follow us @AldeLighthouse.